Tanaka Shrine (Sata Shrine, Kitaden Setsha)

Tanaka Shrine (Sata Shrine, Kitaden Setsha) is a rare "marriage" and "marriage" shrine nationwide It is a mysterious shrine where the company that enshrines "sister goddess" is built back to back, and the edge that you want to cut off such as the edge of the man and woman and bad habits is cut off, and a wonderful marriage comes true at the same time after that.

From here, I will explain the name of the listed shrine in chronological order.

"Izumo Kuni Fudoki" was completed on February 30, 1300 years ago and 5 years ago (733).
Next, the Enki-shiki Shinmei book was completed about 1100 years ago in the middle of the Heian period (extended 5 years and 927 years).
Finally, it is the ronsha (present shrine) of "Izumo Kuni Fudoki" and "Enki-shiki Shinmeisho"

[About 1,300 years ago] About 1300 Years ago

[Izumo Kuni Fudoki (izumo no kuni fudoki) Place of publication]
The shrine record was completed in February 733 AD.

Izumo No Kuni (Izumo no Kuni)
[County] Akiga-gun(aika no
Article Absent Shinjosha (fusai jingikan no yashiro)

[Company name] Tanakasha

[Reading] (Tanakano) Yashiro
[How to read] (tanaka no) yashiro

A copy of the "IzumoKuni Fudoki" digital archive of the National Archives of Japan画像利用


[About 1100 years ago] About 1100 Years ago

[Engishiki Jimmeicho (Place of publication)]
The shrine record was completed in December 927 AD.

Because it is a non-governmental company, it is not applicable.


【Current】 At the Moment

[Ronsha] Current specific shrine

[Shrine name] (shrine name) Tanaka Shrine
(tanaka shmine)
[how to read] (How to read) (Tanakajija)

[Common name] (Common name)

[Zhenzachi] (location) Kashima-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
【地 図】(Google Map)

【Festival God】 (God's name to pray)

Tosha "Lord" (iwanaga hime no ikoto)
Nishisha "Lord" Kihana Kaihime (konohanasakuya hime no ikoto)

[Gody] (God's Great Power)

Marriage Deepen connections and intimacy with people
Ansan Healthy childbirth
Edge-cut Completely sherarated from certain people
Longevity Wish of Longevity

【格式】 (Rules of dignity)

Sata Shrine Kitaden Setsha

【創建】 (Beginning of History)


【由緒】 (history)

Tanaka Shrine

Tanaka Shrine is a set shrine in the north hall of the head office, and two shrines are located facing their backs in the flying area 100 meters east of our company.

It is Nishisha that is heading to the main shrine of Sta Shrine, and it enshrines the princess's life (this Hanasakuya Himeko), the marriage, the ansan,
The Higashisha, which is built with his back turned, enshrines the life of Princess Iwawa, and has faith in marriage and longevity.

This is derived from the story of the god of the festival in the north hall of the head office.
It is said that the elder sister returned it to parents because the appearance was ugly, and the shrine where there is a profit of the edge seems to be rare nationwide.娶
There are many people who visit to worship and pray in addition to various bad relationships that cannot be cut off easily, including bad relationships between men and women.


【境内社】(Other Deities within the preciscants)

[Otaky Point] (Points Selected by Japan Otaku)

It is a mysterious shrine where the company of "marriage" and "marriage cutting" which is rare in the country is built back to back.

On the main shrine of Sta Shrine
It is the edge cutting and longevity in Tosha that it is built with the back turned.
The faith of the marriage and the ansan in Nishisha to be built toward

Everyone has a relationship that they want to break, such as a man and a woman's relationship or a bad habit.
And then it's a great marriage.


【Visit to the shrine】 (Pray at the shrinee)

It's a three-minute walk from Sagaya Shrine.

There is a signboard next to the parking lot.
There is a front torii gate facing east along the Sada River.

Arrived at Tanaka Shrine (tanaka shrine)

Is it a marriage after cutting the edge after all?
In this order, I'm going to visit a company in the East and West.
After all, when I bowed and entered the torii gate, what was in front of me was the edge and longevity at Tosha.

It is a marriage and an birth in Nishisha that it is built with the back.

As it is, proceed to the east-west company.

I'm sing a
lot of money. I wish you all the best.
I pray with my hands together, hitting a high hand that can't reach the god of worship who bows and settles while wishing to be in accordance with your divine power.

From the side, there's a ed horse stand standing in the middle, and we're just accepting both sides' wishes.

I went back down the approach, went through the torii gate, turned around, and bowed.


【Tradition of shrines】 (Old tales held down to shrinks)

『古事記(kojiki)』天孫降臨 瓊々杵尊(ninigi no mikoto)の伝承

Inigi no ikoto listens to her sister Iwanaga hime 賣 and her sister Kihananosakuya 賣 (konohana no shakuya hime) 娶.
My sister was returned to her parents because her appearance was ugly.

translation of one's intention
"Inigi no ikoto" was treated by a beautiful 孃 child (otome) in Misaki, Kasasa, and asked, "Whose girl is musmego?"

So I said, "I am Konohana no sakuya hime, a woman (musume) of Oyama tsumi 賣 (oyamatsumi no kami)."

I was also asked, "Do you have a brother?" and I said, "賣 have an iwanaga hime."

When asked, "I'd like to marry you," he said, "I can't say anything, but my father, Oyamatsumi no kami, will say."

When I was asked by my father, Oyamatsumi no kami, I was very happy to have my sister's iwanaga hime 賣 with a lot of 獻 of tops.

However, because the elder sister was very ugly, I sent it back for fear, and I stayed only my sister 賣 Kihananosakuya Hime and stayed 寢 night.

However, Oyama tsumi (oyamatsumi no kami) was very ashamed 賣 that he was returned to play iwanaga hime.
"The reason I've dedicated my two daughters side by side is that if you use iwanaga hime, the life span of the Son of God in heaven will be as hard as a stone forever, even if it snows and the wind blows.賣
He賣 also pledged that if he could use konohana no sakuya hime, he would prosper to prosper as a tree flower.
賣 However, now that I賣 have returned Iwanaga hime and placed one of the konohana no sakuya himes, the life span of the Son of God in heaven will be brittle like a tree flower."

As a result, the Emperor's life expectancy has been gone for a long time to this day.

Reference to Kojiki, 『原文』参照  Original, Digital Archive of the National Archives of Kojiki画像利用

『雲陽志(unyo shi)』秋鹿郡 宮内 佐陀大社 にある伝承

It is written that Tanaka Shrine is the same as the present as "Tanakasha (tanaka no) yashiro"

translation of one's intention
Tanaka no yashiro

There are two companies, all five, four, one facing west, one facing east.
There's a torii gate facing east in the rice field.
There are 10 pines between the 15 in the precincts.

Iwanaga hime no ikoto
Princess Kihana (konohanasakuya hime no ikoto)

This company is the guardian deity of pox. 

*"Unyo shi" [Written by Kurosawa Naganao] Tenpo 6 [1835] "Original" Reference To The National Archives Digital Archive "Unyashi" Manuscript画像利用

The god of "marriage" and "marriage"
is enshrined.
"rai" at Tanaka Shrine (90-degree bow)

See also the article on Sta Shrine



As a criterion (iii) of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt. Fuji - Object of Worship and Source of Art", it is written that "Through the ascent to the summit and pilgrimage to the sacred place at the foot of the mountain, which has inspired the tradition of mountain worship from ancient times to the present day, pilgrims wished to imbue themselves with the spiritual power of the gods and Buddhas who live there."


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