What is Shrine Heritager?

Shine Heritager

A person who honors the "shrine" where the "eight million gods" sit and practices to pass on the Kamii to the next generation with the making it a herriage site.

Respect the "shrine" where eight million gods sit
Those who practice passing on the divine power to the next generation without making it a legacy


I visited shrines all over Japan for 30 years.
With the meaning of a person who does not honor the "shrine" where eight million gods sit and make it a legacy, I put into words what I feel now with the meaning of the person who practices to pass on the godwe to the next generation.

Since the Meiji era, a major industrial transformation has occurred in modern Japan, and many people have been forced to quit their original family businesses (farmers, greengrocers, fish shops, etc.), and the outflow of population to urban areas has accelerated in search of a rich life and place of work.
Since the Showa era, there has been a wave of declining birthrate and aging population, and the economy, which has been concentrated in urban areas, began to stagnate and depopulate many regions.

As a result of people simply seeking economic effects, a large number of depopulated areas have occurred in the 30 years of Heisei, and Japanese society has shifted to a fully aging society.

If you look from the side of the god of the shrine
For more than 1,000 years, there have been people in the local area who protected "shrines" and "shrines" from generation to generation.

Born as a baby in the land
I'm going to be a young man and participate in festivals.
I'm getting old before long.
The descendants would have seen you succeed again.
In recent years, the number of successors has decreased, and the number of people living in the village has decreased year by year, and before long, no one has been gone.

At this rate, the gods may not be able to protect the people who live in Japan with peace of mind.
What japan where you are now is prosperous is that our predecessors have awe of nature and gods.
It is a gift that has expressed gratitude as a concrete economic action (such as a dedication festival)
I really feel that it is important for us to realize early that we are destroying the legacy.

Welcome to the new "Reiwa"
We want to deliver a rich and fruitful life to the people of the future.

It is the one to practice "Shrine Heritager"

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As a criterion (iii) of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt. Fuji - Object of Worship and Source of Art", it is written that "Through the ascent to the summit and pilgrimage to the sacred place at the foot of the mountain, which has inspired the tradition of mountain worship from ancient times to the present day, pilgrims wished to imbue themselves with the spiritual power of the gods and Buddhas who live there."

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