Shiine Tsuhiko Shrine (Shiimiya)

Shiimoto Tsuhiko Shrine (Shiimiya) enshrines Shiinetsuhiko no ikoto of Kunitsujin, which was appointed by Emperor Jinmu, who started east marching in 667 BC, as a guide to the sea.


The official name of this shrine and how to be called The present address and map I will introduce the history of the god and the shrine enshrined.

【神社名(shrine name)】

椎根津彦神社(shiinetsuhiko shrine)

[通称名(Common name)]

(椎宮) (shii no miya)

【鎮座地 (location) 】

650 Minami-Usaji Shrine, Usa City, Oita Prefecture

[地 図 (Google Map)]

【御祭神 (God's name to pray)】

《主》椎根津彦命(shiinetsuhiko no mikoto)

【御神格 (God's great power)】

・開運招福 Bring good luck and happiness
・交通安全 Pray for Traffic safety
・海上安全 Maritime safety
・無病息災 Get rid of disease and hardship

【格 式 (Rules of dignity) 】

Usa Jingu Gaigai Suesha

【創 建 (Beginning of history)】

宇佐神宮末社 椎根津彦神社 御由緒

一. 御祭神椎根津彦命
一. 鎮座地宇佐市大字南宇佐字惟ノ宮六五〇番地
一.御神徳 開運招福 交通安全 海上安全 無病息災

One. It is said that it is a long time Shiimiya, and according to "Nippon Shinki", Emperor Jinmu decided to march to The East when he was 45 years old on October 5, 667 BC, and when he left hydration and came to the fast-sucking gate of the toyoyo Strait, where the currents were intense, a fisherman, Jinhiko (Uzuhiko) appeared and offered water guidance to Emperor Jinmu. The Emperor was able to pass the difficult place safely by awarding the vertebral comb to Jinhiko, so he gave Shiine Tsuhiko's last name. It is said that the Emperor's team landed near Shiimiya Shrine, and later enshrined Shiine Tsuhiko here.

The Emperor's party was welcomed by the founders of Usa Kunizo菟 Utsuhiko and Usatsu Hime built a temporary shrine (on the south shore of the Bridge of Usa Jingu) on the Usakawa River. The Imperial Army, led by Mitsuhiko Shiione and left Usa, landed in Naniwakoku in November through Okanonato in Chikushi, Emiya in Akikuni, and Takashima Island in Kibi咫. Aling he advanced to Kawachi, he was cul-de-severed by the fierce resistance of Nagamedehiko, landed in Kumano from the sea route again, arrived in Yamato, led by Yathahara, and was enthronement to the first Emperor at Hagiwara Palace. Emperor Jinmu entrusted Shiine Tsuhiko to the National Building of the Samurai.
In the Waki area, there is a 柁-nose shrine dedicated to Emperor Jinmu, his older brother Gosemei, and his father's unannounding life, and there is a monument dedicated to the life of Mitsuhiko Sasatsu under the main gate of Usa High School.

From the precincts guide board

【由 緒 (history)】

When Emperor Jinmu marches to the East, he enshrines the life of Mitsuhiko Shiine, who guided the sea.

It is reported that this place is the landing point of Shiine Tsuhiko.

Usa Jingu Handout

【境内社 (Other deities within the precincts)】


この神社の予備知識(Preliminary knowledge of this shrine)

This shrine has a long history.


【オタッキーポイント】(Points selected by Japanese Otaku)

I will introduce the preliminary knowledge that you will be interested in this shrine from a otaku's point of view.

On the remains of "Ichibashitotsu agarinomiya", a relic on the south shore of the Bridge of Usa Shrine

It is said that this is the landing point of Usa, where Shiinetsuhiko led Emperor Jinmu.

It is said that usatsu hiko and usatsu hime built a temporary palace of ashihitotsu agarinomiya (south bank of Kurehashi in Usa Jingu) on the river of Usa River and welcomed them.

Today, there is a monument called "Sacred Seisei Ichibashi Tengu Ruins."


神社にお詣り(Pray at the shrine)

I introduce the state when I visited this shrine.

From Usa Jingu via R10 about 2km
east of the car about 5 minutes
Sitting at the back of Usa Takada Medical Association Hospital

Arrived at Shiinetsuhiko Shrine

At the back of the hospital, we're sitting one step higher.

Under the approach stairs 祭神 椎根津彦命 stands a stone pillar that says, "Emperor Jinmu's Imperial East March Sea Route Guide Festival God Shiine Tsuhiko's Life"

When you go up the stairs, you will be surrounded by a blue-colored Tamagaki, and at the entrance there is a sign of the shrine name mark "Shiine Tsuhiko Shrine" and there is a sign of the God area that does not become it, and it tightens the spirit.

There is no shrine, but there are three stone axes in the center of the big tree.

I'm in a stone pass.

I wish you a change.

A prayer that puts both hands together, praying to reach the deity of the festival

If I sit here like this,
sure I'll be cleansed. On the other hand, if you stay here for a long time, you'll fall in love with this

I'm going to go outside Tamagaki and look back and bow.


神社の伝承(Old tales handed down to shrines)

I introduce the thing related to this shrine and the literature described.

『日本書紀(nihon shoki)』

When Emperor Jinmu was determined to go to the East when he was 45 years old and left hydration and arrived at Hayasuinto in the toyoyo Strait, where the currents were intense, a fisherman of Kunitsu God appeared and offered to guide Emperor Jinmu to guide him to the water, so the Emperor was able to pass the difficult place safely by awarding a vertebral saw to Jinhiko, so he is said to have given shiinetsuhiko's surname.

The Emperor's party is said to have been welcomed by the founders of Usa Kunizo菟 Hiko Utsutsu and usatsu hime built a temporary shrine (on the south shore of the Bridge of Usa Jingu) on the Usakawa River.


"This year is Taisa no Ye tora."
That year, on October 5th in the winter, the Emperor led the emperor and the boat to the East.

When we arrived at Hayasuinto( Toyoyo Strait), a fisherman (ama) came in a small boat.

The Emperor called this fisherman and asked.
Who are you? I was told

The fisherman answered.
"I'm Kunitsujin and my name is Uzu hiko. I'm fishing in Kokupo (wada no ura), and I heard that the child of Tianjin kami is going to come and pick me up."

The Emperor asked again.
Can you show me around?
Then the sea man said, "I'll show you around."

The Emperor ordered the fisherman to give him the tip of the vertebral tree, and he caught him, pulled him into the boat, and led the sea.

In the name of this, it is called Shiinetsuhiko.

This is the founder of yamatonoarai.

We arrived at Usa in the country of Chikushi.
At that time, there was an ancestor of 菟狹 (kuninomiyatsuko) and there was a person called 菟狹 (usatsu hime) and "usatsu hime".
On the river's top of usa's river, we built a pillar of the shrine, ashihitotsu agarinomiya, dedicated the Emperor, and held a banquet.
At 菟狹 time, he made his vassal" (usatsu hime) 娶 his vassal, Amano taneno ikoto, is a distant ancestor of Nakaomi no Uji."

【原文参照】『日本書紀』 刊本 文政13年選者 舎人親王[旧蔵者]内務省 国立公文書館デジタルアーカイブ画像利用

It is said that this sitting area is the landing point of Emperor Jinmu's line to Usa.

"Rai" at Shiinetsuhiko Shrine (90 degrees bow)

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As a criterion (iii) of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt. Fuji - Object of Worship and Source of Art", it is written that "Through the ascent to the summit and pilgrimage to the sacred place at the foot of the mountain, which has inspired the tradition of mountain worship from ancient times to the present day, pilgrims wished to imbue themselves with the spiritual power of the gods and Buddhas who live there."


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