Tefue Shrine (Bungo-Takata City)

Tefue Shrine is said to be 8 set shrines outside the border of Usa Jingu Yukikai, and it has a long time as one of the visiting sites of the Yukikai.


The official name of this shrine and how to be called The present address and map I will introduce the history of the god and the shrine enshrined.

【神社名(shrine name)】

田笛神社(tabue shrine)

【鎮座地 (location) 】

The world of Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture 398

[地 図 (Google Map)]

【御祭神 (God's name to pray)】

《主》八幡大神(hachiman okami)

【格 式 (Rules of dignity) 】

Usa Jingu Yukikai 8 Seta

【創 建 (Beginning of history)】

The foundation is unknown.

【由 緒 (history)】

The Oracle of Hachiman Daijin on October 8, 765
When Yawata Ogami arrived at the border between Bungo and Bungo (currently Tafue) from Kochiho (the plains of Shigeo, Hinata, and Higo Province) in the olden days when he was practicing, he blew a field whistle here It is said that the rice (harvest of rice ears) was brought.


この神社の予備知識(Preliminary knowledge of this shrine)

This shrine has a long history.


【オタッキーポイント】(Points selected by Japanese Otaku)

I will introduce the preliminary knowledge that you will be interested in this shrine from a otaku's point of view.

About Usa Hachiman Yukiyukikai (gyocoe)

Yukikai is an event to visit the mausoleum of Yakesha, which is deeply related to Usa Hachiman.

The order of yuki of "gyocoe" is transmitted as follows.

Usa Hachiman → (1) Tafuesha →(2→ (3) Korisesha →(4)Izumisha →(5)Oto 咩 →(6)Daikongawasha → (Recommendation Shrine→ →(7)Tsumagakisha →(8→宇佐八幡→①田笛社→②鷹居社→③郡瀬社→④泉社→⑤乙咩社→⑥大根川社→(薦神社)→⑦妻垣社→⑧小山田社→宇佐八幡

It used to be an out-of-border company in Usa Hachiman.

For more information, see the article "Usa Hachiman Yukiyukikai (gyocoe)"


神社にお詣り(Pray at the shrine)

I introduce the state when I visited this shrine.

About 2.8km from Usa Station via R213 about 8 minutes by car

Arrived at tabue shrine

There is no torii gate or a ball that separates the precincts in the precincts, but there is a company name mark "Tafue Shrine" at the head of the shrine.

It is said that it is "Tefue Shrine" in the flat forehead.

I wish you a change.

A prayer that puts both hands together, praying to reach the deity of the festival

When it crawls in the back of the worship hall, the main hall of the nagazo is built in the undercering.

I wish you all the best again.

I'll bow and I'll be out of the precincts.


神社の伝承(Old tales handed down to shrines)

I introduce the thing related to this shrine and the literature described.

『八幡宇佐宮御託宣集(hachiman usanomiya gotakusenshu)』に記される伝承---------

豐前國與豐後國乃中尓吾禮至着久號須田布江 云々
古老傳云 田笛也 大御神御修行之昔 於此所吹田笛 令得田飯之坐 故云尓也

The boundary between Toyoho and Bungo
Tafue-no-Mori, who says to the old man's name
Omigami: In the old days of your training, I blew a rice flute at this place and got rice, so I called it Tafue."

Usa Jingu Yukiyukikai It is said to be 8 set companies outside the border, and it has a long time as one of the visiting sites of the Yukikai.

"rai" at tabue shrine (90 degrees bow)

See also the article of Usa Jingu



As a criterion (iii) of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt. Fuji - Object of Worship and Source of Art", it is written that "Through the ascent to the summit and pilgrimage to the sacred place at the foot of the mountain, which has inspired the tradition of mountain worship from ancient times to the present day, pilgrims wished to imbue themselves with the spiritual power of the gods and Buddhas who live there."


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