Aramatayama Shrine Haruka Eden (Saku City Yamasadari)

As the name suggests, Arafuneyama Shrine is a place to worship Mt. Mikafune (arafuneyama) as "kannabi" where God dwells.


The official name of this shrine and how to be called The present address and map I will introduce the history of the god and the shrine enshrined.

【神社名(shrine name)】

 Arafuneyama Shrine (arafuneyama shrine yohaiden)

        (Arafune and Manja Yoye-

[通称名(Common name)]

【鎮座地 (location) 】

2576 Yamaji Airi, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture

[地 図 (Google Map)]

【御祭神 (God's name to pray)】

"Lord" (takeminakata no ikoto)
Yasakatome no ikoto

【御神格 (God's great power)】

【格 式 (Rules of dignity) 】

【創 建 (Beginning of history)】

Date of foundation Unknown

【由 緒 (history)】

Unknown Date of Foundation There is Takayama on the border between Shinano and Ueno.
It is similar to running in the rainy weather of Yamagata Giant, and it is called Aramatayama.
It becomes an inner mountain river by joining the mountain water which springs out from the mountain, and it becomes an inner mountain river, and it is said that it is a villager for the sake of the water on agriculture similar to the blessing of the Uchiyama Ichigo, and the great achievement is shown to the ground development management of Shinano, and the great god of Suwa is dedicated, and the great god of Suwa is built in the central part of the mountain, and it is called Aramatayama Daimeijin, and it is called the common name Aramata-sama.
It is a place that can be deeply and deeply revered as a god of reeds of One Village. This shrine is called Okusha.
In 1868, he was in line at Gosha.
Uchiyama: In the Ama district, we have a village shrine in the Aidai district, and a shrine at the top of the mountain.
At the festival, Goshu Goko is a god-of-god from Satomiya to the far shrine, and prays for a rich harvest of five grains, the safety of the house, and the good luck of the disaster.

The event of the Oath God search hot spring is held at the festival in Haruka-no-den. In addition, there is Hachimangu (Hoda Betsuyo) in Satomiya.

From the Nagano Prefectural Shrine Office website

【境内社 (Other deities within the precincts)】


この神社の予備知識(Preliminary knowledge of this shrine)

Arafuneyama Shrine (arafuneyama shrine yohaiden) has a long history

[Otaky Point] (Points Selected by Japan Otaku)

I will introduce the preliminary knowledge that you will be interested in this shrine from a otaku's point of view.

There's another arafuneyama sherine yohaiden in Arafuneyama.

The address is a mountain in Saku city, Nagano Prefecture, but the name of the shrine is "Arafune Shrine", so I think it probably corresponds to "arafuneyama shrene yohaiden" of "Arafune Shrine Satomiya" in Shimonita-cho, Gunma Prefecture.

See another article about Arafune Shrine on the Gunma side.

The Far Worship Hall of Satomiya on the Gunma Side

Map of Arafuneyama shrine yohaiden

We will sit along the road of about 2.8km
to the east of R254 from our company "Aramatayama Shrine Haruka-den" on the Nagano side. A whitish torii gate is built on the side of the road.

I go up a thin, steep stone step, and grass etc. are cut firmly and it is maintained.

There's a big undercade in the precincts, and there's a main hall in the undercade.

In addition, "Ishi-an" is enshrined in the precincts.

Go down the stone steps after the precincts.

I went through the white torii gate and turned around and bowed.


Visit the Shrine (Pray at the Shrine)

I would like to introduce the situation when I visited Haruka Yingden (Aide) at Aramatayama Shrine.

From Nakade Station to the east via R254 about
8.1km car about 15 minutes
Sitting along R254
I visited the shrine in the early morning of September 20th.
You can see a white bag that reads "Zhao Yunjin Fengxiang" and "Jintokugo common people"

Arrived at Arafuneyama sherine yohaiden (Arafuneyama Shrine)

At the entrance of the
precincts, a white banner with the letters "Kaunjin-zu-go" and "Jintokugo common people" is displayed on the day of the festival. A red torii gate is built, and the contrast of red and white with the persimmon blends into the green forest.

The torii is decorated with a paper hanging rope, a paper curtain is dedicated to the feet, a curtain is put on the worship hall, and a solemn carpet drifts in the precinct where there is no one in the early morning.

In the flat forehead of the torii, there is "the first place Arafuneyama Daimeijin" and it is possible to go through with a bow.

I'm singing to Haruka-no-den.

The door of haruka worship hall is open only the width of the coin box, and there is another door in the rear of the inside of the haruka worship hall, and it is built to worship Mt. Arafune.

In addition, there is a "iwamura" which is likened to Mt. Arafune, and a large rope is enshrined.

Give me a prayer.
When you reach the god of worship, where you worship God's power, pray with your hands together.

Haruka-den has a long-written book similar to Satomiya's.

I went back down the approach, went through the torii gate, turned around and bowed.


神社の伝承(Old tales handed down to shrines)

I introduce the thing related to this shrine and the literature described.

It's the same vese since Arafuneyama Shrine (Saku City), so please read that article.

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As the name suggests, Haruka-den is a place to worship "arafune mountain" where God dwells as "kannabi" of Mt. Mikanji.

"Haku" (90-degree bow) to Arafuneyama shrine Harunay yohaiden



As a criterion (iii) of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt. Fuji - Object of Worship and Source of Art", it is written that "Through the ascent to the summit and pilgrimage to the sacred place at the foot of the mountain, which has inspired the tradition of mountain worship from ancient times to the present day, pilgrims wished to imbue themselves with the spiritual power of the gods and Buddhas who live there."


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