List of 36 seats sitting in the imperial palace "Enki-shiki Shinmeisho"

The Engishiki Jinmeicho was compiled in 1927.
At that time, a list of "government offices of the whole country" (a shrine that receives mints from the priest is put up at the prayer year festival (Every February)

The major classification is for each administrative division at that time.
"Miyanaka and Gyeongchu" and "Kinai"
"Seven Roads (Tokaido, Higashiyamado, Hokurikudo, Sanindo, Sanyodo, Nankaido, Nishikaido)"
The middle classification is by country (classification close to the current prefecture)
Small classification by county (classification close to current municipality)
Details are covered by shrine and written.

Sitting in "Miyanaka" (36 seats... It is a list of the large (deposit month Shinjo) 30, small 6) shrine

23 seats of the Shinto shrine west temple sitting shrine, etc.

8 shrine shrines (Namidai Tsukizuki Shinjo, Nakagu Higashigu Shrine 亦)

(Tamazumi Sanshin)
(Production Day God)
(Ashisan Higami)
(Omiya Sojin)
(The Lord of The World)

Zama Miko 5za (Namidaigetsu-ju-shi shinjo)


8 seats of the Miyamae Shrine Festival (Namidai tsukiji Shinjo)

(Each party in the four-sided gate of the kushiishi window god)
(Each party at the four-sided gate of Toyoishi window god)

2 Seats of The Ikushima Shrine Festival (Namidaizuki Tsukiji Shinjo)



3 seats (large)

Sono Shrine (Sada, Meishin Daigetsu-ju Shinjo)
Han Shrine Niza (Meishin Otsuki Shinjo)


3 seats (nami-ko)

Mitatsu Shrine (Tei)
Hirai Shrine
Takakidse Shrine


Brewery Tsukasa Zagami 6 seats (large 4 seats, small 2 seats)

Omiyauri Shrine 4za (En, Namidaitsuki Tsukiji Shinjo)
Sakedono Shrine Niza (Namiko, Sakeya mame otogami, Sakeya bean goddess)


Main water seating god 1 seat (small)

Narurai Shrine

Other Shikigaisha

Garden Fire God (Uchizenji)



As a criterion (iii) of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt. Fuji - Object of Worship and Source of Art", it is written that "Through the ascent to the summit and pilgrimage to the sacred place at the foot of the mountain, which has inspired the tradition of mountain worship from ancient times to the present day, pilgrims wished to imbue themselves with the spiritual power of the gods and Buddhas who live there."

-延喜式神名帳(engishiki jimmeicho)

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